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Inspiring, Connecting, and Fostering Meaningful ECO-IT Innovations for Enterprise Growth













Direct Benefits to Our Customers

At Do-Yi, we offer a range of direct benefits that enhance your workspace and contribute to a sustainable future:


  • Organized Tech Work: Our solutions help declutter offices and create greener work spaces.

  • Waste Reduction: We make waste reduction a business priority, aligning with responsible practices.

  • Supporting Green-IT: Our initiatives mirror corporate commitments to green technology.

  • Hygienic Work Environments: We ensure that your workhorse tech remains clean and disinfected.

  • E-waste Removal: Responsible transportation and disposal of e-waste. Repurposeful approaches.

  • Repurposing and Reuse: We transform discarded tech into repurposed assets.

  • Unlocking Efficiency: Elevating Technology Performance for Optimal Workflows.

    Technology Consultation and Enhancement:
    Our expertise extends beyond hardware. We assist in identifying the best technology solutions for your needs, offering advice on hardware replacements, and implementing performance enhancements to optimize productivity.

Handout PCs Charitable Org.
Support Yellow Ribbon SG Campaign
Strategic Alliance AVAYA
ECO Campaign SMC
Networking Microsoft
VIP on-site IT Service
Refurbished Mobile Computer Treasury


Special Projects with Social Impact


ECO-IT Awareness:

Partnered with iDigix in the 2010 ECO-IT project, promoting green practices.
Our green aware
ness initiative, iDigix 2010 ECO-IT project, encourages exploration and learning through exhibitions. It demonstrates the potential for 'transformation of I.T. work processes' (ECO system) to optimize and diversify secondary PC uses. Our PC restoration demo and case studies focus on value enhancement while minimizing destruction.


Restoration Initiatives:

We breathe new life into PCs through restoration demos and case studies.

Do-Yi & Company (ECO-ITS) undertook a critical mission overseas, delivering reconditioned mobile PCs and secondary e-appliances on behalf of 'The Organization for Better Security - OBS.' The aim was to set up micro-scale workstations for the Singapore Children's Home (Pertapis) to contribute to the less privileged.



Community Network Support:

Do-Yi & Company (ECO-ITS) is dedicated to uplifting communities through the distribution of refurbished workstations and e-appliances.

  • Supporting Meaningful IT Adoption: In collaboration with SANA, we joyfully provide refurbished computer laptops to deserving recipients. Our co-colleagues and jubilant volunteers carefully select suitable individuals. This initiative, held on various dates including 20 Oct 2018, 8 Nov 2017, 31 Oct 2016, 28 Oct 2015, 9 Oct 2013, and 29 Sept 2010, aims to enable meaningful use of IT for recipients and families, contributing to their empowerment. Reference ID: 20A959392 for Charity Donation.

  • Empowering Underprivileged Families: On 26 January 2018, we extended our commitment by donating numerous refurbished computers to 'T-Net Club @ Sembawang'. These systems are thoughtfully configured to ensure functional and normative workstation performance. Through this effort, we strive to support underprivileged families, providing them with access to secondary mobile computers (Reconditioned PC's). These devices cater to various needs, including task work, educational programs, informational activities, skill development, and personal use.

Do-Yi & Company believes in using technology to create positive change and bridge gaps in society. Join us in our mission to make technology accessible to all.

Overseas ICT Support:

Collaborating with Ven. (Dr.) Bhante Gunaratana, we provide usable hardware and ICT training to underprivileged children in Sri Lanka.
Supporting a good cause with Ven. (Dr.) Bhante Gunaratana of Mahakaruna Buddhist Society. We extend our reach to underprivileged children in Sri Lanka, providing usable hardware acquired for the ICT program, which includes soft-skills training and shared technical advisory.



Techno Geek Collaboration:

We support media creativity, supplying e-waste materials to ITE College Central for innovative projects.

Unleash Your Creativity with '[Short Film] Ah Gong (Grandfather) (2014)' by Youtuber Yew Hui Tan. Dive into the world of upcycled electronic arts by engaging in this innovative project. Do-Yi Enterprise (Singapore) contributed e-waste raw materials to support the creation of this short film, fostering sustainable artistic expression and innovation."

Supporting Social Causes:

We contribute rain jackets to @itsrainingraincoats, aiding hard workers and fostering a meaningful cause.

In support of Ms. Dipa, founder of @itsrainingraincoats 
Re-purposed rain jackets handed out
to support meaningful causes, partnering visit via (21st December 2015).


Do-Yi Enterprise is committed to making a positive impact through technology, sustainability, and social responsibility. Join us in creating a better future.


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