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Direct benefits to our customer:


  • Organised tech work de-clutter office make green space, waste reduction doing good business sense, mirror corporation support green-IT, as we would disinfect keep workhorse hygiene, transporting e-waste disposal, then repurposeful to.


  • To assist in identify technology usefulness or hardware replacement to be advice.


  • Integrating performance enhancement for technologies implementation at work.

Handout PCs Charitable Org.
Support Yellow Ribbon SG Campaign
Strategic Alliance AVAYA
ECO Campaign SMC
Networking Microsoft
VIP on-site IT Service
Refurbished Mobile Computer Treasury


Special Projects


iDigix 2010 ECO-IT project held to create green awareness

By invitation, through the exhibition, there will be more appreciative awareness in exploring/learning how possible in 'transformation I.T. work processes' (ECO system)
to promote the optimization and diversification uses of secondary PCs, that we seek values of the variables (in minimal destruction) that raise a new lease of life under the
PC restoration demo and case studies.



ECO-ITS restoration (Thanksgiving Special) workstation for community network

Do-Yi & Company (ECO-ITS) has been tasked on a critical mission (in Overseas) to deliver 'reconditioned mobile PC's and lots of secondary e-appliances' on behalf of
the correspondence, 'The Organisation for Better Security - OBS' for the donated computers in set-up micro scale workstations for the Singapore Childrens Home (Pertapis) and then, it has been engaging in a social cause and making contributions cater to less privileges.



Refurbished computers handout for overseas ICT project

Support a good cause with Ven. (Dr.) Bhante Gunaratana of Mahakaruna Buddhist Society. Happy to have learnt about humilitarian work, where this trip extends to the under privileged children at Sri Lanka in equipped usable hardware that acquired for
ICT programme which comprises soft-skills training in shared technical advisory.



Techno Geek Up-cycled Electronic Arts in Media Work: "Ah Gong"- A Tropic Monkeys Productions Short Film (Media Crews @ ITE College Central)

Unleash creativity! Do-Yi Enterprise (Singapore) supplied e-waste raw materials to ITE College Central Trainees for firming video assignment (30th June till 14th July 2014).

Save for rainy day coat for the beneficialist! In support Ms Dipa, founder of @itsrainingraincoats in care for fellow hard workers

Re-purposed raining coats in support a meaningful cause. Do-Yi Enterprise and partner handout boxes of rain jacket to the campaign leads via online https://www.facebook.com/itsrainingraincoats (21st December 2015).