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Business Media Tech Geek: Guide for a novice to become proficient in computing task worker. Exploring IT / Arts in retrofit and tuning;
re-purposed PC workstation solutions at presenting the development
in the acquisition of technical skills in Green-IT computing practices.

Do-Yi Enterprise ECO-ITS instructor-led training offer one-on-one in House Resident's on ECO IT hardware as well Media work Training hands-on Task driven exercise Green Practices on a regular basis.


Contact h/p: 9011 3969  Topic: Go Green-IT Training Guide to Custom/Upgrade/eCycle parts/Set up Computer Hardware and Soft-skills by appointment (Tool kits provided)

UX Requirement and Processes Ideate Design Prototype 'Testing' UX

Contact h/p: 9011 3969  Topic: IxD UX Design Processes Training by appointment (Tool kits provided) Facilitating the usability testing phase, through observation to assure the participating tester perform the assigned task runs smoothly.

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