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Beloved Cisco UCS C240 M3 Server Ivy Bridge Intel Xeon Core i5-2680v2 CPU 2.80GHz / 256GB RAM (SERVER HARDWARE PARTS) for Computer Engineer DIY for project interests

Cisco UCS C240 M3 Server
$1 888.00
In stock
Product Details
Looking for a high-performance server to help with your work? This Cisco UCS C240 M3 is a fantastic second-hand option! It's super fast and can handle lots of tasks at once.
This server tech-ware advantages:
1. Super Fast: This server has two powerful E5-2680v2 2.80GHz CPUs, which means it can handle tough jobs without slowing down. No matter how complex your work is, this server can handle it!
2. Lots of Memory: With a huge 256GB DDR3 RAM, it's like having a supercharged brain. It comes with 16 sticks of 16GB memory each, and all the memory slots are filled up to give you the best performance possible.
Room to Grow: You can add more stuff to this server later on if you need to. Whether you need more memory, storage, or other things, this server can handle it!
Trusted Brand: Cisco is a well-known and reliable brand for servers and networks. You can trust this server to keep your data safe and your work running smoothly.
Easy to Connect: This server has 24 slots for storage drives, so you can add the ones you like. It doesn't come with hard disks or software, but you can easily set it up the way you want.
Get It $1888. Straight handout: If you're interested in buying this server, just message the seller carousell messaging chat and set up a time to pick it up in Yishun. Don't wait too long because someone else might get it!
This beloved Cisco UCS C240 M3 server is a fantastic deal. It's super fast, has a huge amount of memory, and you can add more things later if you need to. Remember that this is a personal sale, and there won't be any after-sales guarantee. However, rest assured that the server is in good working condition as described. Thanks
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