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Dust Out Wireless Blower Vacuum Office Home Computer Transport Cleaning Kit Set

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Office / Computer / Home / Vehicle Car - carry along mobile cleaning kit practically user friendly starts cleaning to blow away dust bacterial dry out quick sturdy yet eco-green to our living environment.

Cleaning kits pack included:-

A) handy wireless 3 adjustable speed Blower Vacuum (Switch level 1: 1100+/- 14% Switch level 2: 1500+/- 11% Switch level 3: 1900+/- 10% Air flow Capacity m/min 1.6 - 2.8), Lithium Battery 18v (4.0ah) approx weight 1.9kg high quality built hardy gadget made reliable, durable and powerful rechargeable portable device.

B) Tech specialist hand-pump duster for easy accessible for dust off clogging air valve outlets, commonly heat sink clogged dust; good treating op for air injection blown out harmful particles which can be exploited in laptop computer as well as portable device.

C) Lens cleaning kit for optical drive cleansing as well brushes lightly in tiny sensitive contact area joints.

Productively you now take full control in coping well along with the workhorse hygiene, care for ecosystem longevity and good people's around you shall be blessed to keep healthy work, clean than play!

Best offer $290. nett for the distinctive cleaning pack.


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