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Effective Sticky Rubber Remover Polish Solvent 250ml per bottle

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Tone out - In bottle 250ml extra strength 80% Acetone solvent is practically applied to polish gently rubbed until the adhesive begin to dissolve then removal of surface penetrate from undesired areas; also an alternate formula that can clean your sticky deteriorated rubber pad surface felt stubborn residue stain, eliminating scratches to fix consistency scuff marks such as permanent marker marks, dilute adhesive sticker quick easy ways.

Let's take a closer look at this one beauty powerful solvent that is used in wiping properties of sticky rubber coating of the laptop, as well it cure stickiness on gadgets stuff rubber components as seen in this vid.

p.s. Use this solvent in cared do wear gloves for sensitive skin.

Direction for use: Remove cap. Moisten fiber wool with this nail polish Remover. Wipe gently over the surface circular motion applied tender pressure contact in gradual remove residue stained quickly and effectively.

Product listed offer *Due to packaging redesign and improvements, the product labeling may renewable as when deem to.

Sale price: S$10.00 per 250ml bottle


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