Plan to hand down your older computer systems to someone else / reallocation in new department for personal/company? 


We take cost-effective IT service hardware redeployment in services include:


✔ Media wiping. Reformat hard disk. Rejuvenating PC.
✔ Up-close cleaning of hardware (Dust-off 'Heat Sink PCs / Possibly Slow due to Cloged caused Poor Air-Flow vantilator) + Sanitizing Computing IT Devices Hygienic).


✔ Comprehensive check and rectify system condition.


✔ Upgrade of hard disk, RAM, network card and operating system (if required).


✔ Corporate IT maintenance service contracts are available.


Transportation delivery proceedings.


Please advance call appointment Tel: 6659-6862 / Email to:

Hardware Redeployment Contract Project Elite Frontier

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